About Us

Once Upon A Time!

Sure Trac, Inc.

30-years ago, Powell’s Tire and Axel was set up in a back yard of loris, South Carolina. 20-years later, Sure Trac, Inc was launched to provide all of your utility and cargo axle products and services across the country.

Our Promise

Sure Trac, Inc.

 We  are a quality-oriented company and the quality of our products and  services comes first before anything else. As we work to provide  consistent quality production  and service, we promise not to allow corporate growth to overshadow the  importance of the relationships that we have with our customers,  employees, and the owners. 

Reaching Us

Sure Trac, Inc.

We  are a personal family-owned company and with high morals and ethics. When  you call us, you talk to a person and not a machine. If you have any  questions, comments,  or concerns, please call us at

 (843) 756-7142