2,000 lb Axles

1 3/4" x 3/16" nominal wall round tubing.

In order to ensure proper size of your axles, please refer to information below describing the measurments we require to determine your axle size. 


Hub Face:
Is the distance from outside of hub mounting flange to outside of hub mounting flange. The hub face is also know as the mounting surface where the wheel studs are located.  Hub face to Hub face can also be called the axle track or the centerline of the tire to the centerline of the tire.
Spring Center:
Is the distance between center of one spring to the center of the other.
All axles have an added configuration for springs.
U-bolts, hangers, and other accessories are sold seperately.
Maximum Overhang = 15" Minimum Overhang = 11.5" Overhang is the difference between the spring center and the hub face. Exceeding the maximum overhang will result in reduced axle capacity. Minimum Overhang dimensions are based on zero offset wheels and physical clearances; and are determined by suspension type, wheel and tire combination.

If you purchase an axle from us, please follow this link and print our Axle Manual for maintenance and warranty information. 

While we keep many axle sizes in stock, some orders may have to be built upon placing your order. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.